Auf dem Panel sind Caroline Grimault (Exhibitor, Le Katorza, France), Christian Bräuer (CEO, Yorck Kino-Gruppe, Germany), Marcin Pienkowski (Artistic Director and Distributor, New Horizons Film Festival, Poland), Susan Wendt (CEO, Trust Nordisk, Denmark) und Daniela Elstner (CEO, Unifrance, France). Den Abschluss bildet der Europaabgeordnete Niklas Nienaß (MEP, Berichterstatter Creative Europe, Cultural Committee, Germany). Diskutiert wird zu den Themen: – How will exhibitors, distributors and sales agents work with each other to ensure cinemas can speed through the recovery phase? – Reconnect, rebuild and grow audiences: Collaborative approaches to innovate the cinema experience. – How to rebuild the central place of cinemas in the European film economy: Building the social, cultural and environmental place of the cinema.